WINGAPO (pronounced win-gà-po)

– Welcome, my beloved friend

European colonists arriving in Virginia may have been greeted with, "Wingapo." Indians have lived in what is now called Virginia for thousands of years. While we are still learning about the people who inhabited this land, it is clear that Virginia history did not begin in 1607. If you ask any Virginia Indian, "When did you come to this land?", he or she will tell you, "We have always been here."

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Watch The Virginia Indians: Meet the Tribes
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Spearhead Recent archaeological digs in Virginia have provided compelling evidence that humans inhabited Virginia at least 18,000 years ago, well before the Clovis culture and thousands of years before previously thought.  CLICK HERE for information about pre-Clovis culture and to watch streaming video of Ice Age Discoveries.

CLICK HERE Virginia Indians: Reclaiming Our Heritage, which describes how Virginia Indian tribes have maintained their culture and heritage since colonial times.